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Armour Coatings offers 3 production systems to fulfill our customer needs:

Manual Application Powder

Six Stage Nanotechnology CAT approved pre-treatment with Laser Oxide Removal as needed.

Batch System Manual Application Powder

Sandblast to spec./ 3 stage manual Phosphate pre-treatment available. Stand Alone Cure Oven.

Automatic Application Powder [with Automated Gema Guns]

Six Stage Nanotechnology CAT approved pre-treatment with Alkaline and Laser Oxide Removal as needed.

High Quantity Production Runs specializing in stampings and small parts.
Supporting Processes


Our overhead conveyor lines utilize a six-stage wash system capable of surpassing AAMA 2605-5 and ANSI C57.12.28 specifications, which includes Alkaline and Laser Oxide Removal as needed. It is comparable to traditional Iron Phosphate Systems, but uses nanotechnologies to provide pretreatment for many substrates such as; Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Etc. Chemical titration is controlled automatically. Our pretreatment wash system has been approved through several large OEMs.


Stand alone or inline natural gas convection/infrared cure ovens are in place to handle this critical stage of the powder coating process. Powder Manufactures set the specifications, as to the oven temperature and duration of time that any product is in the oven to achieve the desired coating properties for chemical resistance, hardness and UV resistance.

Along with our inline curing oven capabilities, Armour Coatings can accommodate large pieces as well in our Stand-alone system. Please contact us to see our capabilities.

Quality Control

Armour Coatings' Quality Control Department uses state of the art testing and documentation to assure a uniform finish. QC maintains process records and photos of each commonly run part, which are stored in a matrix for future parts runs helping ensure repetitive quality.
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